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Diganto Patrika is a multi-directional unit, mostly a creative, literary and commercial Bangla magazine.

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Diganto Patrika is a multi-directional unit, mostly a creative, literary and commercial Bangla magazine. It made its first public appearance on the day of Mahalaya, Oct 15, 2012 with its first printed issue. The unit has gradually enlarged and during this period of time it had worked on Swami Vivekananda, Satyajit Ray, Florence Nightingale and will enrich the works with different style and kinds of literary and creative acts. Outstanding and versatile creations of many esteemed Poets, Writers, Essayists, Dramatists and Illustrators from different states and countries made this journey beautiful. Two of the most remarkable works of Diganto Patrika are the study and publication of ‘Banglar Nobojagoron’ [The Renaissance of Bengal] in three volumes enlightening three different eras of Bengal in each volume and hosting of a National Level Seminar ‘Amar Bangla Bhasha’ [My Language: Bangla] on the remembrance of the martyrs of the Bangla Bhasha Movement, 19th May’61, Silchar, Assam.

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is registered with assigned ISSN 2454-5686 (Beng./Eng., P, 7-8-2015).

Purbasha Diganto Cultural Welfare Society


is registered with registration no. S/2L/41492 of 2015-2016 under West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961

Our Team

Smritis Kumar Sengupta

President, PDCWS

Member, Diganto Patrika

Bipul Das

Vice-President, PDCWS

Member, Diganto Patrika

Sovan Sengupta

Secretary, PDCWS

Editor-In-Chief, Diganto Patrika

Surajit Saha

Treasurer, PDCWS

Editor, Diganto Patrika

Subhadip Roy

Member, PDCWS

Member, Diganto Patrika

Amit Kumar Sarkar

Member, PDCWS

Designer, Diganto Patrika

Kartick Sarkar

Member, PDCWS

Member, Diganto Patrika

Aritra Majumder

Member, PDCWS

Kushal Roy

Member, PDCWS

Upama Sengupta

Member, Diganto Patrika

Piyali Modak

Member, Diganto Patrika

Dr. Bibekbrata Das

Member, Diganto Patrika

Subhasish Nath

Member, Diganto Patrika

Tanmoy Das

Member, Diganto Patrika

Anuva Banerjee

Member, Diganto Patrika

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